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Programs & Services

These programs are designed for a unique collection of high functioning physicians whose careers were slightly derailed.  All want to return to their healthcare battlefront refreshed and better armed with new skills.

Michael D. Wilson

Treatments: Services

Physician Burnout 14-Day Program

This program is a jump start for this public health systemic crisis: Physician Burnout. Physicians need to start by unlocking their stress cycles, allow other experts and trainers guide them and share their stories with others, while balancing tight restrictions for time away from clinical practice.  We believe that conversations can be extremely refreshing when you are in a safe environment.  Each physician is monitored via a virtual meeting platform for 2 days immediately following their stay.  Long-term monitoring plans at their clinical sites or via virtual platforms are available.  Program Options are described below.

Physician Burnout 28-Day Program

This 28-day program maximizes the gift and allows the most benefit for those who need a reset.  Individual plans are designed to bring physicians closer to their peak performance and erase habits that don't promote the lifestyle they want to embrace.  We break the sleep deprivation cycle.  Sometimes it takes a team and bit more time to get you to your goal.  Dr. Rowland invites these members to return for Wednesday group dinners for one year at the Academic House and continue a relationship with the program for life. Program Options are described below.

Physician 28-Day Recovery Programs

We offer an exceptional wellness experience and post-residential treatment support, board mandated monitoring and customized assistance with your transition to clinical work with a new sense of health and optimism. Didactic sessions are designed to promote specific communication and professionalism competencies.  This transitional living program is tailored to the needs of each physician based upon the options below.

Program Options


A comprehensive assessment at admission including genetic and functional medicine testing


Weekly Caduceus Meeting

 (Physicians only)


Twice Weekly mindfulness meditation training/MBCT with licensed therapist specialist


Develop the Joy of Cooking | Professional Chef cooking classes on-site (Monthly)


Daily evening and afternoon physician discussion groups


Tai Chi Master Instructor weekly sessions on-site


Sailing, basketball, biking, kayak, wildlife, photography, golf, biking, author lectures


Self-Health Choices: massages therapy, skin care and grooming


Access to daily recovery meetings in the surrounding communities


Twice weekly substance abuse/addiction counseling with licensed therapist specialist (if needed)


Twice weekly psychotherapy sessions with a clinical psychologist


Life | Professional Coaching with a PhD Behavioral Scientist who is a national expert on physician remediation


Medicinal nutritionist consult & target planning


Weekly Dinners for Eight - Invited guests to stimulate conversation


Gym memberships for daily workouts | Professional Trainers available


Outdoor pool


Emotional Support from training Comfort Dogs (Professional Kennels on-site) - seasonal


Didactics include: Professionalism and Communication Competencies


Transitions to Medical Practice


Twice weekly CBT/DBT Therapy with Licensed Therapist Specialist (if needed)

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