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Our Philosophy

Michael D. Wilson

Welcome to The Rowland Academic House

The Rowland Academic House is a highly specialized facility dedicated to helping physicians recover from burnout or improve their transition from a residential center to clinical practice. Physicians are the human capital of healthcare institutions, but their wellness has been overlooked for too long. Financial spreadsheets just itemize their productivity as “gods in white coats with silver necklaces.”(WSJ) But physicians and surgeons are not Gods, they have families, friends, parents, grandparents and they get sick, cry for others, regret and hope, just like everyone else.


Our goal has always been to create an environment that promotes honest conversation and improves the wellness and health of high-performance physicians so they can get back to their teams.

Our feedback is testimony to that goal.

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"...didn't know if this would work, but your faculty and then Bill and Craig (my group) really got me not to fear trying new things - one at a time till I finally realized, it was good for me and I would live."


"I know I wasn't the easiest person for you to work with but I was toast - exhausted and everyone was upset with me. I'll never forget your gentle persistence and the others in my group. Thank you..."


"...sometimes the best compliment is to say, "yes," I'd recommend this process to others on my team and those I trained with..."


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Meet our Founder


Dr. Pamela Rowland

Known for her effective remediation treatment plans, Dr. Rowland has more than 30-years of clinical experience focused on performance improvement for surgeons and physicians. She is the lead author on the first competencies textbook: Communication & Professionalism Competencies: A Guide for Surgeons and is well published in peer reviewed medical journals. She is director of the national course: The Surgery Certifying Examination (CE) Review Course and a member of FSPHP.  Dr. Rowland identified the need for recovery and burnout programs specifically designed for physician wellness as a result of her remediation research. 

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